Associational Administrative Team


            Our history informs us that our Association of churches gets its name from the river that flows past us. As it is now forming a lake and then flowing again through the dam that holds it back joining other streams to form the great Savanna. It continues to flow until reaching the broad expansion of the Atlantic Ocean.

            For 201 years, our churches have worked together in warm Christian fellowship ministry and mission endeavors so the Great Commission mandate of our Lord might continue to flow through us. Phyllis and I are joyful in spirit to have this opportunity, as I serve as your Interim Associational Missionary, to join this flow and are with you until a permanent Associational Missionary is found. As we continue with you, we have a strong commitment to make this time meaningful and profitable for you and us.

             In every church we visit, we are received and welcomed with wonderful expressions of friendship and love. As we leave each church after a visit, we are wishing we had more time to form a more meaningful relationship. However, there is a need to get on to another church so that we might get to know each one.

             Please pray for us as we continue to serve with you and pray for the needs listed herein; especially pray for the search committee as they look for a new Associational Missionary. Pray also for the churches vacant for a pastor: Clarks Creek, Cross Roads, Double Branches, Mount Carmel, Mullins Ford, New Bethel, Pleasant Hill, Riverside, and Webbs Creek. If you know of any men called and ready to preach or if  you know of any possibility of someone available who is qualified, let it be known to the Association office or the church in need.

             Let the love and grace of our Lord Jesus be known to someone today.


 Dr. Joe Vernon