Disaster Relief

Tugalo Baptist Association, in conjunction with three northeast Georgia area Associations, sponsors and houses two Disaster Relief trailers for Mud-Out and Cleanup and Recovery. These units are financed through church and individuals donations.

Donations for the Disaster Relief can be mailed to PO Drawer 129, Eastanollee, GA 30538. Disaster Relief Director, Tim Beck, is available to come speak to your church or church group. Contact: 706-491-3969 or dr_ga7r@yahoo.com


DISASTER RELIEF ORIENTATION (Required for All Volunteers)

At this credentialing session, you will receive an introduction to the overall ministry of Disaster Relief, 3 ministry areas (Child Care, Cleanup & Recovery, and Feeding), and Evangelism Encouragement.  Once you become a credentialed Disaster Relief volunteer, recertification is required every 3 years.


To check out upcoming trainings, visit https://missiongeorgia.org/georgia-disaster-relief/


Fall Meeting 2017 Report: 

The Tugalo Baptist Association Disaster Relief Unit GA-7R have been very busy this year. Either the units or the personnel have been out serving Christ through the selfless acts of Flood Response or Wind Damage in four areas of the country.

In January, we were called to Gatlinburg, TN., to remove trees from home and yards that were burned due to the wild fires in that region of Tennessee. The team members also sifted through debris to find and return to them the valuables lost in the fires.

In May, we were asked to respond to Van Buren, MO. There we responded to the floods that resulted from the spring rains in that part of the country. We ministered to the families that were taken from their homes and lost their possession due to the flood waters.

In mid-September, after Hurricane Irma came through, we responded to the Habersham area after receiving reports of being hit by the high winds from the Associational Missionary in Cornelia. We were able to help them and Level Grove Baptist Church minister to the people in Cornelia, and surrounding area with tree removal and patching holes in their roof.

Then after only having a week to restock the trailers, we have been sent down to Kingsland, Ga, where we are ministering to those affected from Hurricane Irma as well. We are working on both flooded and wind damage homes in the area. At this point it was reported of over 41 additional jobs to do to complete our work in the area if no additional work orders come in.

In all of these deployments, we are facing 2 major issues. First, we face the lack of manpower to maintain the work load of the unit. After Hurricane Katrina hit, our volunteer base was over 650 people on GA-7R’s roster to volunteer for responses. This week, I updated the roster from the Convention Office. That number for both Primary and Secondary Members is now 152. This has been to what we call First Generation Disaster Relief Volunteers having to quit due to age, health, or death, and the churches in North East Georgia Area (that area covers Franklin County to Fannin County and all counties in between the North East Ga area) not stepping up to the plate and replacing them. So Georgia Baptists Disaster Relief is calling out to you of the Tugalo Baptist Association to send out your people. Matthew 9:38-39 NASB “Then HE said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. “Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest.”

The second issue we face as we go out to minister to the people is earning the right to share the gospel with the people we meet. We encourage all the team members to share their life story of how God changed their life. We don’t always get the privilege of seeing the fruit of our labor and that can be discouraging at times. “But Praise God” I spoke to Alex Clark GA-7R’s Assist. Unit Director from Ball Ground and he told me that Georgia Baptist had 2 salvations yesterday in the Kingsland area. One was lead to Christ by a member of our unit, and the other by a member of Gary Butts unit GA-30R. Those 2 decisions will encourage the next teams that follow to share their faith to the people they encounter.

Please pray and ask God if HE would have you be a part of the best kept secret of the Southern Baptist Convention. We need to change that to a house hold word. Thank you for allowing me to be the Unit Director of GA-7R North East Georgia Units.

Respectfully submitted, Tim Beck