Inglesia Comunidad Cristiana Internacional

 PO Box 47,  Lavonia, GA 30553

Physical Address: Meet at FBC Lavonia, 95 Boman St., Lavonia
Call for service times
Rev. Wilmer Marin, 706-498-6521
The mission of "Comunidad Cristiana Internacional" is to reach for Christ the Hispanic community that lives and works in the counties that make up our Tugalo Baptist Association. 

We are one of the few Hispanic churches in our area and theONLY Hispanic Baptist work. In addition to that, we provide a venue for any church in our Association to do international missionary work right here in our own back yard. We serve the Hispanic community by offering ministry opportunities for men, women, children, youths, and social work always with an evangelistic approach. It's our desire to partner with more churches in our Association on a one-on-one basis and share with them how they can help in reaching and impacting the Hispanic community for the Lord.

Due to various circumstances such as the lack of employment and for being a very mobile community, the size of our congregation has decreased. However, you will alwaysfind people ready to serve God, their church and help others when needed. We believe that still there is so much to be done in terms of sharing the gospel and because of the very mobility of the community there are new opportunities to share Christ every day. We also believe that God loves all people and that He desires to plant a church where the Word is truly taught and where His name can be glorified, through the hands of the joint effort of Anglo and Hispanic believers.

For more information contact Wilmer Marin 706-498-6521 or email

Wilmer Marin
Annual 2017 Spring Meeting Report

Dear brothers and sisters of the Tugalo Baptist Association, 

First of all I would like to thank and praise the Lord for the work He has been doing in the Hispanic mission this year.

At the beginning of the year the Lord challenged the congregation to commit to a life of prayer. We started the year studying the book Walking with God Through Prayer and asked God to show us more opportunities to witness and serve in our community. I can also report that our friend Carlos (the man that wanted to kill me, if you do not know the whole story please call me) continues to grow in his faith and his wife was saved during a WMU's retreat this past March.

As Easter approaches we are preparing to have a special service and inviting many friends and relatives to hear the only story that can change their lives, the story of the resurrection of Christ. We will wait in anticipation for what God is going to do so please be praying for a special pouring of the Holy Spirit during this time and that many lives can be change in a powerful way. 

We love our Association!  

In Him, Rev. Wilmer Marin