Tugalo Association Toy Store

Annual event in which all Association churches have opportunity to come together to provide a gift to children, birth - 16 years old, who are in need throughout the Association. Individuals are counseled and presented the Gospel and a Bible for their family.

Toy collection for new toys begins October 1. So if your church would like to collect new toys to donate, the deadline to deliver to the Association office or Martin Baptist Church is December 4. Financial donations are always accepted to help with purchase of Bibles and any extra toys that may be needed. 

Applicantions for Assistance are available October 1 - November 14 through Stephens County DFACS Office

Once your application is submitted, please wait for someone to contact you regarding an appointment time for the day of the Toy Store.

Person submitting the application is the only person allowed to pick up toys for your children listed. Please list only children that live with you and you are financially responsible for in your home ages birth - 16 years old.

No food or clothing is given out at toy store, only Toys.

We ask that no children be brought with you for your appointment if at all possible.