The WMU Scholarship Fund was begun in 1967 by Miss Ethel Haney who gave the first gift to begin the fund. She was a member of Hill Street Baptist Church in Toccoa and was very active in the Associational WMU and general Association work.


Miss Ethel began this fund because, at one time in her life, someone had helped her to get an education to become a school teacher. So, she wanted to pass this good turn on by starting financial assistance to help other persons with their education. Many churches and individuals have contributed to the fund through the years until it was large enough to begin distributing scholarships from the interest made on the funds' money. 


A Scholarship Committee was appointed by the Associational WMU and in 1975, guidelines were established governing this fund.



1. Two scholarships amounting to $400.00 each are to be given each year if funds are available. Additional scholarships may be given during the year if funds are available. 


2. Applicant must plan to enroll or be enrolled in one of our Southern Baptist Schools. 


3. Applicant must plan to prepare for full-time Christian service. 


4. Three letters should be submitted to the Scholarship Committee: A written request from the applicant which services as application, and two letters of recommendation - one from the applicants' Pastor or a church leader, and one from the applicants' employer, school superintendent, principal, or advisor. 


5. The Scholarship Committee will study the application and letters of recommendation after which the committee will make its decision.


How To Apply 

Any person who would like to take advantage of this scholarship and meets the above guidelines can contact Edna Whitworth at 706-886-2718, Associational Ministry Assistant at 706-779-2626.


How To Contribute 

Any person, at any time, can give to the scholarship fund as an offering or as a memorial or in honor of someone. Contributions can be sent to: Tugalo Bapist Association, WMU Scholarship Fund, c/o Edna Whitworth, 439 Currahee Lane, Toccoa, GA 30577


Contributions are tax-deductible.